Oswald West State Park Engagement Session

October 27, 2022

“He’s just happy to be alive.”

Those words always pop into my head whenever I think back to McKenzie and Eric’s engagement session. It was McKenzie who spoke those words about their beloved furry companion, Buddy. As we set foot on Short Sands Beach, Buddy was released from his leash, and his joy was obvious; you could tell he was in doggy heaven. I couldn’t tear my eyes away—there’s nothing better than watching a dog enjoy its life unleashed.

McKenzie shared with me the remarkable story of Buddy’s journey. They had adopted him from a rescue in Texas after he had been abandoned and left for dead in a rural area. As a cattle dog, it was suspected that he was discarded by a farmer who deemed him no longer useful. But McKenzie and Eric saw something different in Buddy—they believed he was too affectionate and tender-hearted to be working on a farm. Perhaps this was the reason that led to his abandonment. It was undeniable that Buddy held a special place in McKenzie and Eric’s hearts, and he stole mine as well. I mean, just look at that adorable face!!

Capturing McKenzie, Eric, and Buddy in their element was an absolute delight. Their love for each other and Buddy filled the air, and my camera couldn’t get enough. I’m beyond thrilled to share a sneak peek of some of my favorite shots from their session. Brace yourself for a healthy dose of connection, cuteness, and good vibes.

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