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When it comes to choosing a photographer for the most memorable moments of your life, I believe that person should make you feel safe, connected, and free to be your truest selves. 

This is why I take the time to get to know my couples on a friendship level before we even start to think about the images. To me, it’s not an impersonal transaction for the sake of pretty pictures.

I believe that a memorable and true-to-you experience is the key to the most beautiful, intimate photos imaginable—and that’s what I’m here to help bring to life!

This is an opportunity for you to bond as a couple. 



the anticipation while getting ready on your big day,

your parents' reactions when they hear your vows,

your grandpa busting out moves on the dance floor,

or embracing each other while watching the sun melt behind a mountain top.

These are the moments I want you to have and to hold for a lifetime. 

Before I spent my days photographing, editing, and tearing up over the art I get to create out of romance...

I was tucked away in a cubicle for eight years and daydreaming about having a creative career. Not exactly fulfilling!

The pandemic was the catalyst for finding my passion. As the world shut down and there was nothing to lose, I dusted off my old camera and dove head-first into the craft.

Within five months, I worked my first wedding, and I realized this was exactly where I needed to be. Now, I find myself falling more in love with documenting love stories each time I have the honor to do so.

If we team up for your wedding, I’ll be your biggest fan girl as you say your “I do’s” and jump right into the mix on the dance floor with your guests. 

If it’s a couples shoot you’re after, expect lots of laughs, play, and cozying up with your love like the camera isn’t even a thing.

I’m stoked for you and your love, and we’re going to have a blast celebrating this special time of your life together.

Hi, I'm Olivia!

My approach to some of the most important photos you’ll ever have (and I don’t take that lightly)

I believe everyone looks their best when they’re documented in their natural state, which is why you won’t have to worry about awkward posing or feeling stiff in front of the camera.

I avoid this by taking the time to learn about how you interact as a couple, play connection games (really!) and guide you through the session. I’ll ask you about your hobbies, pet peeves, love languages — anything you feel is important to know about the bond you share.

This is not only how you’ll gain trust in me as your photographer, but it helps me pull out and capture real emotions in front of the camera so you can experience how special your love is all over again each time you flip through your photos!

We don’t do fake and forced images around here!

My priority, aside from the connection we forge before working together, is to create true works of art out of your love. This means:

Adding a hint of warmth and softness that accentuates the glow of your love

Editing that stays true to color — this includes keeping skin tones accurate! 

Paying special attention to composition and incorporating the beauty of the environment you’ve chosen

Lets celebrate and create together!

Stunning photos are everywhere. I’m going for “that is SO us!” reactions because your photos genuinely depict the butterflies and fire you felt for each other in those moments.


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Colchuck Lake

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Get to know the girl behind the camera with a few of my favorite things:

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