Mt Hood Camping Elopement

October 16, 2022

Bri and Niehls pulled off the most fun campout elopement near Mt Hood with their closest friends, and lucky me, I got to be a part of it! Let me tell you, their elopement had it all: perfect fall weather, stunning florals, a cozy campsite, a killer hike, jaw-dropping views of Mt Hood, and even some unexpected surprises like a recorder processional and some wild keg stands – It was so THEM!!

On the morning of their big day, after setting up their tents at the campsite, we hit the trail to the ceremony spot. They picked this hike because it was off the beaten path (which meant less crowds) and just the right amount of challenging, plus the views were out of this world. Their elopement was in mid-October, which means unpredictable weather around here, but they were determined to tie the knot rain or shine. Thankfully, luck was on our side, and the sun beamed down on us all day long.

The ceremony spot was incredible, and Mt Hood decided to show off its beauty just for us. But wait, here comes the best part: Niehls had a sneaky surprise up his sleeve (literally) – he whipped out a recorder and played the wedding processional for Bri. Everyone cracked up, and it made their elopement all the more special! After heartfelt vows, we popped open the bubbly and toasted to their love. As the sun began its descent, the crew made the hike down to get dinner started while Bri, Niehls, and I stayed up top for some dreamy sunset photos.

The light was pure magic as the sun dipped behind the mountains, casting a golden glow that made everything look like a fairytale. Finally, we wrapped things up back at the campsite with a feast of tacos, seltzers, and some keg stands (LOL!). This elopement was an absolute blast to capture, and I’m thrilled to share this day.

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