How to Plan the Perfect Pregnancy Announcement Photoshoot

July 19, 2023

As a photographer, I’ve captured many moments of love, joy, and connection. But let me tell you, some sessions just stick with me! Recently, I got to be a part of one of those experiences—a pregnancy announcement photo shoot at Powell Butte Nature Park! These types of sessions are so special because they’re all about capturing the love, the anticipation, and the sheer joy of welcoming a precious little one into the world. I want to share photos from the session and some tips for planning the perfect pregnancy announcement.

When should you book your session?

When booking your pregnancy announcement session, you must consider when you would like to share your photos. With these types of sessions, I aim to deliver your photos within 2 weeks of the session, and couples usually like to share that they’re expecting around 12 weeks. With this in mind, I recommend booking your session when you’re around 10 weeks! However, every pregnancy is different, and some couples prefer to wait a bit longer to share the good news. I’ll recommend a good time with your ideal announcement date in mind!

Choosing a location

Ultimately, your location depends on the time of year your session takes place! This session took place in July, and the couple envisioned a warm and grassy background. Based on their description of an ideal location, I knew that Powell Butte Nature Park in Portland, Oregon, would be the perfect spot!

I’ll recommend a list of locations that will work for the time of year and fit the theme you’re imagining. If you’re booking your session for the winter, don’t worry! We could opt for a snowy session near Mt Hood, stick to local parks around the city, like Cathedral Park or Hoyt Arboretum, or get lucky with an overcast day on the Oregon Coast! We could even opt for a cozy session in your home or studio!

What props should you incorporate?

Props play a big role in these sessions! When choosing props, consider items that are sentimental to you both. My favorite props include a sign with your due date, sonogram photos (singles and a long strip), booties, and a onesie!

Wanting to get a little creative? Add your own personality and style to it! You could use a newspaper as a prop with an announcement written on it. Or possibly a framed embroidered sign! You could also include flowers, custom ball caps, or a cake to cut into!

If you’d like to include your pets in your session, you could even have custom bandanas created! So CUTE!!

How long are these types of sessions?

My pregnancy announcement sessions are considered “mini-sessions” and only take 30 minutes! Even though it seems short, I promise that we’ll be able to capture so many cute and cozy photos!

Ready to book your pregnancy announcement session?

I would absolutely love to help you plan and capture your session! Fill out my contact form here to get started.

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